Advanced Spiral Technology’s TruHelix - Flight Blank Designer Software

The world’s most revolutionary sectional screw flight forming technology

Since the 3rd century BC the helix has been the principal element in myriad machines from water pumps to screw conveyors to earth boring augers and foundation anchors. The efficiency of all these inventions relies on the accuracy of the helical form. Thus craftsmen and engineers have been endeavouring to “Blacksmith” out this complex shape with varying degrees of success over the millennia.

The manufacture of a quality sectional screw flight helix is harder than one would imagine. Many have tried, and failed. Some have tried and had limited success. Others have achieved a level of proficiency that makes it commercially viable to produce the flights. These people carefully guard their process, procedures and employees because the intellectual property has cost a lot of money to develop and many years have gone into training their operators.

AST has developed hardware, software and procedures for sectional screw flight manufacture that enables the operators to be proficient and productive after minimal training. In short AST has formalised what was once the "black art" of sectional screw flight forming.

There are two critical aspects when manufacturing sectional screw flights:

  1. The development of the flight blank:  Flight blanks have traditionally been generated by trial and error methodology, with inevitable wastage of resources - particularly when the screw flight needs to incorporate intricate tapers, legs or notches. As a result sectional screw flight manufacture has been virtually a secret art. Our award winning, proprietary Flight Blank Designer Program ensures that flight blanks are calculated and made correctly first time every time. Our Flight Blank Designer Program offers a significant commercial advantage for all sectional screw flight manufacturers utilising its capabilities.
  2. The efficient and accurate forming of the flight blank into a finished sectional screw flight: Once the flight blank has been accurately developed and cut it needs the helical shape formed in it giving the finished sectional screw flight. Traditionally this has been done using "size" specific tooling in a press. This method also relies heavily on the skill and application of the operator to ensure that the finished flight is correct and of high quality. Our forming system has been designed specifically to provide consistent output and high productivity with minimal skill input from the operator. Our specially designed forming plates remove the need for size specific tooling. We have also developed a proprietary program that works in conjunction with our forming plates to ensure precise plate selection and positioning/set up, providing a "pure" helical form with your screw flights.

What is TruHelix - Flight Forming Technology?

TruHelix is a sectional flight forming system that incorporates revolutionary patented hardware along with purpose designed and constructed software to eliminate the heavily reliance on operator expertise.

Flight Blank Designer Program

An integral component to any sectional screw flight forming system is the accurate calculation of the flight blank. Our Flight Blank Designer Program allows you to input your finished flight parameters and the cutting sizes for the flat flight blank are instantaneously calculated. The results are displayed graphically on the screen and can be saved as a DXF file to transfer to your cutting machine.




AST’s Flight Blank Designer Program is 21st Century Technology giving you a Virtual Engineer at your fingertips enabling you to remain a step ahead.

Incorporate the cost and time savings associated with the AST’s Flight Blank Designer Program into your sectional screw flight forming to enhance the profitability of your system: 

  • Discard the ‘Book of Sizes’

  • Eliminate the need for trial and error

  • Enter your parameters and get an instant result

  • Eliminate development time

  • Get it right the first time every time

  • Free up precious time for money making activities

  • Quicker turnaround, better service, satisfied customers




Advanced Spiral Technology’s Sectional Screw Flight Blanks Calculation Program - Flight Blank Designer – offers manufacturers of Sectional Screw Flights, or those contemplating the manufacture of Sectional Screw Flights, the ability to accurately calculate tens of thousand’s of different combinations of Flight Blanks instantaneously.

  • Enter the finished size of your Sectional Screw Flight and click the Calculate button

  • A drawing of your Sectional Screw Flight Blank along with the developed size will be generated on your screen

  • Click the save button and you can save the Blank Development as an AutoCad Drawing Exchange Format file with a file extension ‘.dxf’ on your computer

  • The Blank Development file can then be:

    • Imported to your nesting program

    • Imported to your cutting system program

    • Transferred to your subcontractor for cutting

    • Filed for future use


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